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United Kingdom
The electric projector screen arrived promptly. The installation instructions were clear. It works extremely well and silently. I have paired it with a Acer Predator projector and have an excellent home cinema. Whilst researching purchase of a screen in Irleland I found that SAM had not only the widest choice, but also offered good value. I would recommend this product.


Whiteboard Classic Series

Coated steel dry wipe surface
Stylish design profile
Wall fixings included
Great value!

Whiteboard Classic Series

Our Classic Series Whiteboards are single surface, magnetic whiteboards with a paint coated steel writing surface and an elegant aluminum frame. The coated steel writing surface has been carefully tested and selected, ensuring you an easily dry wipe whiteboard with a beautiful design at an affordable price. We can provide the Classic Series whiteboards in various sizes. Make your choice in the list below.

Inc. 21% VAT
Perfect for small notes and application in smaller rooms.
Inc. 21% VAT
Perfect for small notes and application in smaller rooms.

Inc. 21% VAT
Perfect for small notes and application in smaller rooms.
Inc. 21% VAT
Perfect for small notes and application in smaller rooms.

Inc. 21% VAT
The most popular office size. Suitable for both smaller and larger rooms, both at home or in the office.
Inc. 21% VAT
Do you want something different than regular portrait or landscape sized whiteboards? Go for this square sized one.

Inc. 21% VAT
Also a popular office size. Very practical due to its wider writing surface.
Inc. 21% VAT
The widest version of our mid-sized whiteboards. Perfect for when a bigger writing surface is required in small to medium sized rooms.

Inc. 21% VAT
Our most compact version of our larger sized boards. Extra height, but a little less width to keep it compact.
Inc. 21% VAT
The general accepted school sized board. Ideal for teaching or workshops.

Inc. 21% VAT
A beautifully proportioned whiteboard, giving you height and a pretty big amount of width.
Inc. 21% VAT
A large sized board that offers a lot of space in both height and width. Perfect for numerous applications such as teaching, presenting or drawing.

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