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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy SAM International

In our online stores, we process information that is private and personal in order to execute your order. We maintain the highest privacy standards throughout our entire organization in order to make sure that all provided data is never misused and well protected. We comply to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 standards and the SafeBuy code of Practice. This entails that:

- We state as clearly as possible in our privacy policy and cookie statement to what extent we will make use of personal information you have provided
- Collection of personal data is limited to only data needed to fulfill your order
- We will not use your data for other purposes than fulfilling your order. If so, we will explicitly ask your permission on forehand
- We’ve made sure all necessary actions are taken according to industry standards to protect and secure your data throughout our supply chain and possible third parties we cooperate with
- We respect your right to inspect, edit or delete your personal data at any time

SAM International B.V. is the responsible party for processing your data. In this privacy policy we explain what personal data we collect and to what purpose. Please read this policy carefully.

Use of personal data
We need you to provide us certain data in order for us to process your order. This is personal information, which will solely be used for fulfilling your order. On no occasion, we will use your provided data for other purposes nor will we sell or supply them to other (third) parties for commercial purposes. All data will be stored according to our internal security policy.

The personal data we need in order to process your order:

Name, (invoicing/delivery) address and city of residence
Phone number/fax number
Email address
Payment details

At any given time, you are entitled to view, edit or delete this information. You can contact us with your request:

Email: service.ie@saminternational.eu
Telephone: +353 1 960 90 50
Fax: +353 1 960 90 60

SAM International B.V. Head Office
Ohmweg 2
4104 BM Culemborg
The Netherlands

Please also make use of this contact information for all questions regarding our privacy policy. We are happy to assist you.

Use of Cookies
For an overview of the exact cookies we use, we refer to our cookie policy. We only use cookies needed for a functioning website or to analyze your use of our website.

Communication by email
You will only receive emails from use regarding the execution of your order. We will not send you emails for any other purpose, nor send your email address to other (third) parties. If, for any reason, you would like your email address to be deleted from our system, please contact us through the contact information as provided above.

Communication by letter
If you have provided us your invoicing/delivery address, we will make sure that no other post is sent to this/these address (-es).

Communication by phone
The phone number we ask you to provide us, will solely be used for correspondence regarding your order if needed.

Our company will not use information provided by you for any other purposes than mentioned in this policy.

If requested, any visitor can see, edit or delete all information we might have stored regarding their specific visit. If so, please contact us through the contact information as provided above. At any given time, you are entitled to view, edit or delete this information. Please note that most information also can be edited through logging in on our website.

If you feel that our site is not in accordance with our privacy policy or if you have any other questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.