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Ordering online

Ordering online in one of our online stores, is very simple. This is our preferred method of ordering because it is the fastest and least error prone. Because your information is placed directly into our automated system we can ensure your order is sent in the fastest possible way. Online ordering in our shop is available for both private business and institutional customers. Use the following steps:

Step 1: Select the products you would like to order
Simply surf to your products of choice and click 'Add to cart'. They will then be placed in your shopping cart. Next to the 'Add to cart' button and in your shopping basket as well, you're able to adjust the quantities of each product you would like to order. You can also remove products from your order, once you're zoomed in on your shopping cart. To view this shopping cart, simply click on the cart icon displaying the amount of products you've selected. This is shown on the top right of your screen.

Step 2: Overview your order and enter your personal details
Once you're done shopping and you've taken a good look at the products you've selected, check whether it's all correct. Check your type of products, and the ordered quantities. If so, you're ready to confirm your order! Click 'Place your order' in the shopping cart overview screen to proceed to the screen to enter your personal details.

Step 3: Select your shipping method
You can have your order shipped to the same address as your billing address, or to a specific shipping addres. 

Step 4: Choose your preferred payment method
You can choose from various options. Choose the one that fits you or your organization best.

Step 5: Confirm your order!
After you've chosen your payment and shipping method, we first present you an overview of your entire order, with all products, addres information, shipping details and payment details. Please thoroughly check whether all is entered correct. If so, you can confirm your order after agreeing with our terms and conditions. 

If you've chosen to pay your order directly online, your order will be packed directly after it is placed. If it is placed before 16.00h, it will be shipped that same day.